Since completing his Masters degree at the Royal College of Art in 1978, Eamonn McGovern has spent over 30 years working as a figurative artist.

From his studios in Teesside, Eamonn explores a wide range of media and subjects in his art, depicting aspects of life that he has found to be profoundly moving, passionate or of personal importance. From the plight of the homeless to a series helping showcase Middlesbrough’s beauty, everything Eamonn does captures an otherwise unseen presence.

Eamonn has exhibited widely for many years. His exhibitions include: the Manchester Academy Show (prizewinner); Darlington Art Gallery (Dover Prize); Eye Opener Exhibition, DLI Museum, Durham; The Sculpture Trail, Hebden Bridge; The Crossings at St Paul’s, Walsall; Royd’s School, Leeds; Urban Edge, St-Martin-in-the-Fields Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London; Churchfield Contemporary Pub Company, London; The Horse in Art Exhibition, Obsidian Art, Buckinghamshire.

Eamonn is also an active member of ‘Platform Arts’ – a studio group based at Middlesbrough Railway Station.

These some photos from Eamonn’s exhibition at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London.

Art qualifications

1975 Bachelor of Art (BA) – 1st Class Honours

1978 Master of Art (MA) – Royal College of Art (RCA)

Specialist Subjects Studied: Ceramic Sculpture

Additional Subjects: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture

Additional courses taken:
2009 Master Class for Portrait Sculptors (The Society of Portrait Sculptors) –
Heatherley School of Fine Art, Chelsea, London.

Exhibitions (since 1993)

1993 Ceramics Exhibition, Blackfriars Arts Centre, Boston, Lincolnshire.

1993 Dukes Oak Gallery, Cheshire.

1994 ‘The Naked Face’, Contemporary Portrait Society, London.

1995 One Man Show, South Square Gallery, Thornton, Bradford.

1995 Leigh Gallery, Bloomsbury, London.

1996 Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award, Auckland, New Zealand.

1996 Dukes Oak Gallery, Cheshire.

1996 ‘Mortal Coils Exhibition’, Batley.

1997 Cleveland International Drawing Biennale

1997 Summer Show, Leigh Gallery, London.

1997 British Workhouse Gallery, Texas, USA

1997 Summer Show, Leigh Gallery, London.

1998 Manchester Academy Show.

1998 Inde Gallery, Nottingham.

1998 The British Lime Gallery, Laguna Beach, California.

1999 Montage Studio Gallery, Castleton.

2000 Sui Generis, Cheltenham.

2000 Men’s Work Exhibition, Art Link, Hull.

2000 Manchester Academy Show.

2001 Prize Winner, Manchester Academy Show.

2001 Dover Prize, Darlington Art Gallery.

2002 ‘Eye Opener Exhibition’, DLI Museum, Durham.

2002 Installation: “The Lost Children”, The Sculpture Trail, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

2003 One Man Show: The Crossings at St. Paul`s, Walsall.

2003 Installation Sculpture at Royds School, Leeds.

2004 One Man Show: ‘Urban Edge’, St.Martin-in-the-Fields Gallery,
Trafalgar Square, London.

2005 One Man Show: The Churchfield Contemporary Pub Company, West London (exhibition is ongoing)

2006 The ‘Horse in Art’ Exhibition, Obsidian Art, Buckinghamshire.

2007 ‘The Lifeboat Show‘, Staithes Gallery, North Yorkshire.

2008 The Staithes Gallery Exhibition.

2010 ‘Atmosphere and Emotion’, Dover Prize Darlington Art Centre

2010 ‘A Spot on the Wall’, The Station Gallery, North Yorkshire.

2010 Member of Platform Arts Studio Group Middlesbrough Cleveland — ongoing exhibition and studio space

2011 The ‘Best of Boro’ – at locations around Middlesbrough town centre

2012 ‘Paintings’, Cleveland Business Centre, Middlesbrough

2012 ‘Designers Market’, Middlesbrough Town Hall

2013 The Acklam Green Centre, Middlesbrough

2013 ‘Spring Art Show’, Sassari Restaurant, Middlesbrough